Happy Nation English


Happy Nation is a game for the whole family (10+) for 2 to 5 players (recommended 3-5))



In the Happy Nation everybody pursuits happiness.

In this board game, happiness is the collection of all your joyful experiences.
No good having no money, but money alone won’t make you happy.
Time, friends and good deeds are the other ingredients. Each turn you need to decide, how to spend your time and money.
Do you want to invest in more efficient production, repair your home, fill the fridge or gather strategic cards with adventure seeking ?

Happy Nation is a game for the whole family (10+) for 2 to 5 players (recommended 3-5).
The 5 characters, Builder, Farmer, Entertainer, Banker and Doctor have unique skills and provide essential items for the nation.
Everybody needs your items and setting the right price requires some skill in reading and manipluating the market.

As a bonus, you might learn:

  • Where does our money come from ?
    You will probably be surprised !
  • How do prices develop in a market economy¬† ?
    Not only determined by supply and demand.
  • How does a bank loan work ?
    Good to know for everybody buying a house or car.

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