Balance is Key in obtaining Happiness

As we go through life, we often measure our success and happiness by the amount of wealth we have accumulated. However, studies show that having a lot of money does not necessarily bring more happiness. Instead, work life balance plays a more critical role in enhancing one’s happiness.

It is all too easy to get caught up in the rat race and put in long hours at work to earn more money. But in doing so, we tend to overlook the importance of having time for ourselves and engaging in activities that bring us joy. At times, the pursuit of wealth can even lead to anxiety, depression, and stress, further diminishing our happiness.

That is where our board game Happy Nation comes in. Our game is designed to help people find balance and happiness in their lives. It puts emphasis on the importance of self-care, taking care of loved ones and engaging in fun activities that make you happy.

Happy Nation teaches players the skills of time management and developing positive habits to promote a balanced lifestyle. Strategies include travelling, spending quality time with friends and family, finding enjoyable hobbies, and identifying ways to improve work-life balance.

We believe that having a strong work-life balance is a crucial component of achieving happiness. Happy Nation offers the tools a player needs to obtain that balance and to experience the joy and satisfaction of leading a well-rounded life. So, the next time you feel overwhelmed with work stress and feel like you need to work harder to achieve happiness, remember that balance is key, and happiness is achievable through small changes in daily routines.

Money and Happiness in Happy Nation

  • Studies show that having more money does make you happier, but the effect diminishes when you earn more than the average person in the country. Therefore, it is challenging to achieve happiness in Happy Nation without financial means.
  • Money alone does not guarantee happiness, if you lack time to enjoy important aspects of life, such as friends and relationships. In Happy Nation, everything requires time, except for basic needs like food and shelter (your home). If you have abundant wealth but no time, your happiness will not increase. Money is merely a tool, not the source of happiness. Having time is more crucial.
  • Experiences provide more happiness than material possessions. Therefore, in Happy Nation, you cannot buy things but rather “explore the world.”

To support the above, refer to this source:

Work and Relationships in Happy Nation

Good relationships are a very important source for happiness.
Therefore, most explorer cards in Happy Nation are related to love and friendds. Like the explorer cards “Wedding” or “Go on a date”.

Studies show that job satisfaction is higher for people with a longer education or for people who have a sucessful business.
Therefore, In Happy Nation, working gives you happiness, but first at production level 3, when you have invested a significant amount of time and money into your business.

This study confirms that higher education typically leads to higher job satisfaction, but it also points out, that this is only achieved, when you are not overworked: