Comments from Players

Our collection of “What players say”.
What is better to get an impression about a game than asking the people who played it.
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Fun for the whole familiy ! Feel like a farmer, builder or entertainer and try to sell your goods. No game is the same.” – Sarah Grunnet, Pediatrics

How could you come up with this ? It is great!” — Ingrid Grunnet, Psychologist

I usually don’t like board games, but this one was really fun !” – Yetkin Sari, Computer Graphics Expert

Something completely new and different. A lot of fun.” – Michael Durgunlar, MSc Economics

Really fun game with interesting dynamics and a parallel to society, because the game explains how economy works on a simple level. ” — Mikkel Gram, phd Artificial Intelligence

This game is awesome! Had a lot of fun playing it. It has a bit from Monopoly and Settlers of Catan. Will definitely play it more often.” — Sven Grest, Journalist

“An interesting game, that combines elements from strategy, fun and survival. I really like the idea and principle of the game. What do I use my time and money for ?” — Christiane Dopp, Lecturer

I was laughing so much. Just keep giving me more money.” — Kristine Slot, Project Manager